What is Art Journaling?

I think one of the most difficult, and possibly one of the most pointless, things is to try to define art journaling. Yet, one of the things that seems to worry people most is „What counts as art journaling?”

Here are a number of phrases I’ve come across whilst researching art journaling recently.

Visual Exploration * Explore creative potential * Permission to create imperfectly * Expression * Imagination * Meaning * Creative Impulse

Journaling has a long history. It has been with us in various forms for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. The worlds great leaders and creative thinkers have kept diaries and some of those have become famous and are still available to us today. The victorians kept decorated journals and scrapbooks that included drawings and ephemera. What were those cavemen doing drawing on walls? Journaling?

My reading suggests that it was in the late 1990s when mixed media, paint and fabric started to be included and what we think of as art journaling today came about.

It seems to me that art journaling is the visual expression of something that has meaning to you. It doesn’t have to mean anything to anyone else.
Don’t be put off thinking that ‚art journaling is not my style’ – there is no set art journaling style – create your own style along with your meaning.
There are NO RULES!

Agree? Disagree?
Please discuss your thoughts on art journaling here. Ask questions, make statements, share quotes from others that might help clarify our ideas.