Create layout using digital scrapbook templates and clipping mask

If you are new to digital scrapbooking, you may want to start with templates.

Templates provide a quick and easy way to get started and learn more about digital scrapbooking hands-on as you go!

Create layout using digital scrapbook templates and clipping mask

First you have to to open the digital scrapbooking template in your program.

I’m using Adobe Photoshop and tutorial is based on this program, but it should be similar in other programs (like Gimp, Paint Shop Pro etc.)

tutorial1_1Next, I like to fill the background with papers.

It may be easier for you to hide all the layers that you are not working with. This way you can see what you want to fill in. Or you can leave them all visible – I work both ways depending on the template.

Once you have them open, drag one onto your digital scrapbooking template.

tutorial1_2Activate layer with first rectangle – on the menu on the right side.


Select another paper, drag and drop it on template. Look at the „layers” menu.  The paper should be placed above a layer with the rectangle.

tutorial1_4Right-click on the layer of paper. In dialog box select and click the „Create Clipping Mask”.

tutorial1_5The first rectangle is ready. Arrow indicates how the paper looks after using Clipping Mask.

In the same way, follow on subsequent layers.
Remember to put all of papers over the layer on which you want to apply Clipping Mask.

tutorial1_6Now, add a photo. Open a photo and then drag and drop over layer with the frame.

On my image: 1 – layer with frame; 2 – photo.

tutorial1_7Apply Clipping Mask on layer with your photo. It should look like this:

tutorial1_8It does not look good, right? The photo is badly cropped.

Now, you should crop your image:
1. Activate the layer with photo
2. Press CTRL + T (or choose Crop tool). You will now see the photo size.
Hold down the SHIFT key (to preserve proportions) and using mouse resize your picture by pulling one of the corners. Fit to the frame.

tutorial1_9This is the properly cropped image in the frame:

tutorial1_10Now you can add an element. Activate layer of paper to add an item under squares:

tutorial1_11Select an element, drag and drop on template.
I pointed the position of element using red arrows:

tutorial1_12Now you can add a shadow to element.

1 – double-click on the layer of the element
2 – open dialog Layer Styles
3 – Select Drop Shadow

tutorial1_13I used these settings:

Blend mode: Multiply
Opacity 75%
Angle -128
Distance 6
Spread 0
Size 40
Noise 0


Now you can add your own Word Art:

tutorial1_15And here is my finished layout:


Do you like this Word Art? Next tutorial will be coming soon to the blog, in which I will show you how to create a vanishing, transparent Word Art.

To create this layout and tutorial I’ve used products from ScrapBird store.

Layout template: One On Blocks Quick Click by Everything Erica

Digital kit: Simply Black & White by LeaUgoScrap

Word Art used in this tutorial, is not included in the kit. Next blog tutorial will be about creating such Word Art.

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