Word Art – the rebound effect

The rebound effect is very often used in a variety of advertising banners etc. It may, in an interesting way to expand our layout, so it would be good if we knew how to do 馃檪
In this tutorial we will learn how to make reflection for the text. In the same way also it gets reflections for all other images.

Word Art – the rebound effect

I鈥檓 using Adobe Photoshop and tutorial is based on this program, but it should be similar in other programs (like Gimp, Paint Shop Pro etc.)

  1. Create a new document File –> New of any size, I chose 3600 X 2500 pixels.
  2. We fill our workspace a color. I choose green color. Add the middle of the working area some text


3. Duplicate text by clicking CTRL + J on the active layer of text.
We get the following layers:









4. Now choose from the upper menu: Layer > Rasterize -> Text and we get such layers:









5. The next step will be vertical flip it over this layer.
To do this, click on Edit -> Transform -> Flip Vertical.
Then move reflected the text down (below our original inscription). It will look like this:


6. Reduce now the opacity reflected text up to 50%.










7. We get something like this:


8. From the Tools menu, select the check square with feather set to 50 pixels


9. We mark our text in this way:

0910. and press Delete. You should get something like this:


11. Disable background layer. Word Art is ready to be saved.


12. From the File menu, choose Save As.
Save WA as a .png file (with a transparent background)

Now we put our Word Art to the layout. Open your layout (saved as a .psd file with preserved layers). In the open window with Word Art, press CTRL + A (select all).

And then Ctrl + C (copy).
Switch to the window in which you have your layout. Paste WA over layer with paper by using CTRL + V (paste).
And that鈥檚 all your layout with the rebound effect is ready!
Do not forget to reduce your layout to the size of 600脳600 pixels and publish in ScrapBird gallery!
And here is my finished layout:

To create this layout and tutorial I鈥檝e used products from ScrapBird store.

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