ScrapBird  is announcing an open call for digital designers. We are mainly looking for people with talent and experience in the digital scrapbooking industry, but we do have one opening for someone with a lot of spunk and design talent – someone willing to work hard and take feedback and direction from mentors on our design team.

We are looking various creative styles from clean and simple to mixed media – and everything in between.

We want active designers who will regularly:
• put new kits in the shop
• create small contribution (2 papers, 3 elements) to the jointly manufactured monthly Collaboration Kits
• be active in our forums
• grow their own brand through their own blog and/or social media accounts

Our interactive community is a huge benefit as well since designers have a great place to interact with our customers.  However, designers at ScrapBird fill a larger role than only putting products into the store, because our members often feel like family (a very big and friendly one!). ScrapBird it’s a social site – the customers and members like to interact with the designers and they will be glad to see new designers.


Here’s why you’ll love selling with ScrapBird:

No Exclusivity Products
There’s no punishment for selling your products elsewhere, so there’s nothing to lose for giving us a shot to promote your products.

Keep 75% Of Each Sale
You put in the hard work to create amazing products.  You deserve more from each sale.

Set Your Own Prices
No one knows the value of your work better than you do, so keep control over your product prices and change them at anytime.

No Product Review Process
Add, update and change your product listings whenever you’d like. Your products will go live instantly.

Our shop space is limited to the most qualified sellers, so if you are interested in opening their shop in ScrapBird send us e-mail and tell us why you’d be a ScrapBird designer.

In your email, please write:
• your designer name
• link(s) to where you sell now
• link(s) showing items you’d like to sell
• why do you want to open a shop in ScrapBird

Our e-mail: